HAVAN Spotlight: Tom Bremner

HAVAN Spotlight: Tom Bremner

Tom Bremner, our Head of Payment Processing Division, was interviewed this week for the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) Spotlight:

Tell us about yourself & your company?
Tom: I’ve been a salesman all my life. I was the kid who found your lost golf balls and sold them back to you, shovelled your driveway and mowed your lawn. Today I help businesses make it easier for their customers to pay by accepting credit cards in convenient, strategic ways. There are a surprising number of similarities between those childhood endeavours and what I do now.

While navigating covid-19, what new opportunities have you discovered?
Tom: This is going to sound like I’m pandering a little bit but deepening our relationships with professional Associations like HAVAN has been key to our growth.

It’s 11AM Saturday morning, what are you up to?
Tom: This time of year you’ll often find me on a golf course (last weekend was Fort Langley), hiking (two weeks ago was Mt. Nutt) or studying for my Research Methods summer class.

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