Ingenico Acquisition Activity

Ingenico Acquisition Activity

If you were to make a note of the next ten credit card terminals you used to make in-store payments you’d likely find that 8 of them were manufactured by either Ingenico or Verifone. That’s a very concentrated market, which is why the credit card processing world pays close attention to acquisition activity involving either company.

Just two years after Ingenico was purchased by Worldline, rumours are swirling that they’re very close to being dealt to asset management firm Apollo Global Management Inc. The really interesting aspect of this deal is the fact that, if completed, it would take Ingenico private (out of public trading) mirroring Verifone’s recent privatization.

Several prominent industry commentators have suggested that the move to Apollo could allow Ingenico to work out new products and strategies without the pressures of public ownership.

When a powerful incumbent like Ingenico shifts focus from quarterly earnings to a longer view, R&D investment for an entire industry can be accelerated, creating amazing advances in shockingly short timeframes. #acquisition #creditcardprocessing #payments #ingenico #worldline #paymentinnovation

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